Special Programs


A Little bit of History

The history of special programs in Estonia begins as early as 1997/1998 with Music program. The next program, Art program, started in 2001/2002. While the two first special programs have been mainly based on special schools, our third program, Nature program, is created and ran by volunteers. First Nature program student arrived to Estonia in 2007. But three programs were not enough for YFU Estonia. The first Film program student came to Estonia in 2010/2011 and first Theatre program student arrived already in 2011/2012. Both programs include special schools and extra activities. It is hard to say that one program has been more popular than other ones. We are looking forward to students to all five special programs. So make your choice between the five:

  • Music program
  • Art program
  • Nature program
  • Film program
  • Theatre program

Music Program

Estonians are very keen on music and singing. The tradition goes back to many centuries as if existing forever. Students in Music program study in schools specialized in music studies or attend music classes after their school day. Every experience is different and depends on the level of previous studies and the instrument played before. We adapt the program individually to every student regarding to his/her personal needs and level, when searching a school which fits best. Our goal is to give all music program students the chance to grow in the musical field!

Art Program

The Art program is aimed for those students who are interested in fine arts mainly. To spend a year abroad as an exchange student is already a big challenge but to combine and fill this year with fine arts would be even a bigger challenge. Students in Art program attend schools specialized in art and/or attend extra art lessons after their school day. As with Music program we take each student’s individual levels into consideration to adapt the program as perfect as possible to the student’s needs.

Nature Program

The aim of this program is to introduce Estonian nature and experience it through different recreational activities. The program consists of nine fieldtrips to different parts of Estonia, to understand and see the differences between each side of Estonia. For example, Nature program can take you to hikes in the bogs and forest, canoeing, bicycling, kick-sledging, snowshoeing, snowboarding, trips on frozen lakes and to other beautiful places of Estonia. In Nature program you will learn by doing. You will have a chance to sleep under the starry sky, prepare food on campfire, pick wild berries for eating and meet different volunteers. Trust us, there is a lot to discover!

Film program

In Film program, students can help make a film. Therefore, we usually put them in Tallinn´s 32nd School or Rakvere`s Reaalgümnaasium. Students also participate in organizing PÖFF and Justfilm events and attend seminars and events hosted by Baltics Film and Media School.

Theatre Program

School theatre is just one part of this program. All students are offered extra activities according to the region where he/she lives. We work closely with many theatres around Estonia to give the students the best program possible.